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From vision to strategy

Demographic, economic and technological developments determine the courses taken today and tomorrow. Change means: continuous adaptation to survive and defeat the competition. In this dynamic environment, we will help prepare you for the future. Within four domains, we have developed visions and strategies for retail, with the book 'Retail Marketing' as the guideline. This applies to retailers as well as brands and suppliers.


The most frequently asked questions by retailers, brands and suppliers are:

Who is my customer and what is my target audience?

Know your customer. Applying focus and aligning your target audience to this is essential for a successful strategy. Our retail experts can help you segment the market and analyse the current and desired target audience. This is achieved based on demographic, psychographic, socio-economical and behavioural characteristics. A component for determining your potential customers.

What does the customer journey of my clients look like?

Being present through various touchpoints – but where do customers orientate and make their purchasing decision? We help you gain insight into your client's customer journey based on the phases Search, Shop & Share. Find out what information is essential to win the battle for the customer's favour.

What is the position of my brand?

Unknown, unloved. Brand awareness and a top-of-mind position in relation to your competitors are important. With the retail brand funnel, we map out the top-of-mind awareness, prompted awareness, preferred position and the visit intention. For a complete image, we combine this with the process of monitoring the rational and emotional values of your brand.

How competitive am I?

Distinctiveness decides whether customers will choose you. Make a difference based on the aspects that are most defining for your target audience. We help you, using the retail compass, to map out how consumers think about your organisation. And about your competitors. Do you have the most beautiful shop, the best location, the best product range, the lowest prices, the best employees, the best service, the fastest delivery or the best value for money? In other words: does your brand make your customers happy and is it distinctive enough? You need to stand out on at least one of the aspects to remain future-proof.

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